Our services


We can assist you from a very early stage of your research with our extensive knowledge of locations, archaeological sites, contributors, traditional customs, local dances & music… every aspect of contemporary Greek life.

We can compile a budget according to the choices you make for your project in Greece.


We undertake to do the scouting for you with photos and videos all over Greece in order to:
– Give you ideas to choose from, if you want to prepare your own recce.
– Help you prepare your filming without having to come to Greece for a recce.

Film permits from various state agencies in Greece are necessary for most locations:
– Archeological sites & museums
– Municipality permits for street filming, ports
– Underwater & Sea filming
– Aerial Filming (helicopter/drones)
– 3D Scan Filming

We offer expertise and guidance plus we undertake to get all the necessary permissions to cover your production for most locations.
We also negotiate for you location agreements with private entities that guarantee you the clearance of rights.

We undertake to organise casting with actors, extras, or locals.
If needed, we offer clear suggestions for talent for you to choose from, before you come to Greece.

In case you require animals for your filming we undertake to provide them together with the trainer.
We co-operate with top Costume and Set Designers
We undertake to find you costumes from rental houses and also give you the choice to have them made to your design.
We also co-operate with very experienced Props Masters to cover all your needs.
We can suggest suitable locations for drama reconstruction.


We offer a high quality of organisation and Production Services during filming.
We co-operate with the best Greek professionals and we always suggest very reliable technicians.

We can guide you to hire top equipment & undertake to organise all the transportation:
– Vehicles, boats, helicopters
– Hotels
– Catering
We undertake all the production logistics during preparation & shooting
We have a flexible way of operating & handling last minute problems in order to always keep up with the schedule.

It is our ambition to assist you to get the footage you want within your budget & schedule