Over 20 years of continuous presence in major documentaries, docudramas and TV shows

Fixers in Greece – Production Services

Some of the productions we participated in:

Smithsonian Channel
“Aerial Greece” (4 episodes X51 minutes – 4K UHD Aerial) (2019 & 2020)
Production Company: Tile Films Ltd -Ireland

Food Network Canada
“Cheese: A Love Story” Greek episode (2020)
Production Company: Proper Television – Fromage Productions Canada

ZDF Germany
“The Greatest Myths of Humanity” Episode “Atlantis” (2020)
Production Company: Storyhouse Productions Germany

Kids for Ocean Day, 8 June 2019
Production Company: CAP, Madrid, Spain

Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
“Giannis, An Identity” (2019)
Production Company: Bleacher Report

Al-Araby TV
“Tales of Cinema” presented by Rim Saaidia (2019)
2 Documentaries for the series
“The Thessaloniki International Film Festival” (2019)
“Make Up and Special Effects in Cinema” (2019)
Production Company: Noon Films

BBC Studios & PBS
“Ancient Invisible Cities – Athens” (2018)
Presented by Dr. Michael Scott for BBC, & Pr. Darius Arya for PBS

Discovery Channel
“Mysteries of the Missing – Atlantis: The Lost Evidence” (Santorini 2017)
Production company: Wall to Wall, UK

Travel Channel
“Top Secret Swimming Holes: Greece’s Magic Blue Lagoon” (2017)
Production company: Citizens Pictures, USA

“Akala’s Odyssey” (2017)
Production company: Greenacre Films

Travel Channel
“Expedition Unknown: Vanished Empire” with Josh Gates (2016)
Production company: Oil Snake Productions, USA

Smithsonian Channel, BBC World, Channel 5
“The Search for Atlantis” Ancient Mysteries Series (2016)
Production company: Blink Films, UK

“Treasures of Ancient Greece” with Alastair Sooke (2015)

National Gallery of Art, Washington
“Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World” (2015)

History Channel
“Atlantis Found” with Dr. Martin Pepper (2015)
Production company: Atlantic Productions, UK

Smithsonian Channel
“Sacred Sites: The Oracles” (2015)
Production company: Tile Films

“Genius of the Ancient World” with Bettany Hughes (2014)

Travel Channel
“Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations” with Andrew Zimmern (Santorini 2016)
“Bizarre Foods: Edible Icons” with Andrew Zimmern (Athens 2014)
Production company: Tremendous! Entertainment, USA

“Sex and the Church” with Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch (2014)

“Who were the Greeks” with Dr. Michael Scott (2013)
Production company: Tern TV

“Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth” with Dr. Michael Scott (2012)
Production company: Tern TV

“Andrew Marr’s History of the World” (2011 & 2012)

“Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in…” with Dr. Michael Scott (2011)
Production company: Tern TV

Aramco’s Children’s Museum in Saudi Arabia
Film about Greek girl from Santorini (2013)
Production company: Edge Picture Company

Short Feature Film
“The Case of Mary Ford” directed by Ben Mole 2013 (shot entirely on the island of Evia)
Production: Ben Mole

QuébéComm, Canada
“LOL:) Comediha“ TV Show (10 episodes – shot on the island of Kythira)

“Terra X: Fascination Earth” with Dirk Steffens (2013)

4 films for Fifa Mundial (2014)
Production company: IMG

“Divine Women” with Bettany Hughes (2011)

Atomized Entertainment
Advertising films for “Johnnie Walker’s: Pavegen” campaign on the internet (2011 & 2012)
Production company: Atomized Entertainment, UK

“How Earth Made Us” with Prof. Iain Stewart (2010)

“Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World” with Dr. Michael Scott (2010)
Production company: Tern TV

“Ancient Worlds” with Richard Miles, Ommit TV Series (2010)

BBC Ireland
“Atlantis: the Evidence” with Bettany Hughes (2009)

Discovery Channel
“Solving History” series with Olly Steeds (2008)
Production company: JWM Productions, USA

Discovery Channel
“Lost Worlds” Series: “The Minoans” (2006)
Production company: Atlantic Productions, UK

“How Art Made the World” with Nigel Spivey (2006)

History Channel
“Lost Worlds: Athens Supercity” (2006)
Production company: Atlantic Productions, UK

Discovery Channel
“Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece”, Rhodes (2006)
“Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece”, Olympia (2007)
Production company: Atlantic Productions, UK

History Channel
“Ancient Discoveries” all episodes involving Ancient Greece (2002-2009)
Production company: Wild Dream Films, UK

Channel 4
“Whatever happened to the 12 Disciples of Christ” (2008)
Production company: Carbon Media

History Channel
“Sex Intelligence with Kim Cattrall”
Production company: Proma One, Canada

History Channel
“Atlantis Apocalypse” Mega Disasters Series (2008)
Production company: Creative Differences, USA

National Geographic
“Mysteries – Crete: The Labyrinth and the Phaistos Disc” (2008)
Production company: WAG Television

Channel 4
“Athens” (2hr documentary with Bettany Hughes) (2007)
Production company: Lion Television

“Alexander the Great” with Michael Wood (1999)
Production company: Maya Vision UK